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How many Suddenlink Tech’s does it take to restore internet service?
Sunday 4 May 2008, 09:50
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A: Don’t know. So far my friend, close to the Caltrans yard in Eureka, has had three so far, another will come out on the 6th of May.

The modem is currently “offline” until that time. The cable was put in brand new when receiving the service, and still looks new. The modem has been replaced. After the tech’s come out, it works for a little bit, then quits. It worked great with COX as the cable company. The person on the phone yesterday at their tech support told me it was probably something outside of the house, low signal or something. She said it could vary by time of day, weather, or a whole host of problems. Time of day? The closeness to the Suddenlink facility should be a strong signal 24/7. Weather? I’d expect that from my satellite TV, though Dish Network is hardly out at all, including during bad weather. Suddenlink TV goes out more often at my parents, than my satellite. So…. how does weather affect Suddenlink internet? The real reason is probably they went too cheap with equipment, in Humboldt, or not allowed to replace faulty equipment without it totally failing. Gotta increase those profits.

Our advice to her… get Yahoo DSL. Then it was over coming, that DSL goes through  the  telephone lines, but doesn’t tie up the telephone line, like a modem will. We would if we weren’t five hundred feet short. Grumble.



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Comment by woody guidry


Comment by woody guidry

What are your trying to do?

Comment by capdiamont

well if it anything like your american customer who dont know if they have an xp or vista or call in screaming at us cause their service is cut off due to them not pying their bills well………

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