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NA Letter: Novato’s lawsuit against freight trains ludicrous
Saturday 3 May 2008, 09:28
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I certainly concur with the Advance’s position on this matter. Conflict of interest if not factual but perceived is a conflict of interest.

Having said that, Marin County was never part of the North Coast Railroad Authority for its first 17 years, including a period up to 2001 when freight trains ran through Novato.

Property values continued to rise during this period until the current mortgage meltdown, so certainly the freight trains have not affected property values. Freight trains been moving through Novato since 1878 and up until this time there is no documented evidence that anyone in the city of Novato or County of Marin objected to their presence.

So fast-forward to the present. Did someone in Novato or Marin County all of a sudden say, ” Oh my G-d! We have to stop interstate commerce through Novato and the best way of doing this is a appoint two representatives to the NCRA Board to derail NCRA efforts to restore service.

If you follow that logic (and I realize there are those that who oppose the Northwestern Pacific Railroad who won’t), then you wonder what the hell these idiots were thinking as they try to disrupt the NCRA board and file a ludicrous lawsuit to stop restoration.

If this has to do with public money for the railroad, then what about the public money to maintain 101 and the inefficient trucks that use it?

Let’s be fair, and stop that truck traffic on environmental concerns because of noise and pollution.

Mike Pechner



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