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Railriding, another use for the tracks
Friday 25 Apr 2008, 09:04
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This 140lb railrider was powered with a $40 motor, and go up to 15 mph with two adults on it, as an after market. Motor was obtained from Electric Scooter, though I don’t see that motor.

The basic model costs just under $2,000.00, no motor, but makes a nice human powered vehicle. You can buy the wheels separately for just under $200.00.

One of my ideas is do something like this, add solar, maybe some collusion avoidance, and have people commute back and forth on the tracks. Relatively cheap, low noise, and low pollution.



“and have people commute back and forth on the tracks.”.

Except everybody would have to be going the same direction at the same time.

Comment by Fred Mangels

Several solutions to this, with gps maping/control. One would know where the vehicles are, and could a) with the light weight, pull them off the track, b) pull in to one of the sidings along the way, while the other direction goes through. Yes, there would have to be some reverse movements to use/back out of the sidings, but it could be done, cheaper than a trail. You can add a trailer to haul bikes/luggage/stuff/products. You would have to restore the switch and a little bit of the siding at Bracutt lumber. These vehicles are not very long, so a long siding, nor private property shouldn’t be required. You have sidings at just south of Hwy 255 in Arcata, just south of Arcata, and right by Simpson Timber.

Though one way direction, could be feasible depending on demand.

Comment by capdiamont

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