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Pacific Rim Railroad again
Friday 11 Apr 2008, 10:06
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Author: Treun
Date: 04-11-2008 – 09:56

Application to the Surface Transportation Board nearly complete. Offer to North Coast R.R. to buy track from Samoa to Blue Lake and through Arcata to Fields Landing nearly done. Bid will be $2.5 mil. with immediate restortation. Plan establishing track maintenance school at Redwood College to be submitted to trustees. Lineman and engineer program to follow. Route survey completed last September. Hopeful to have labor contract with Dept. of Corrections for construction purposes. Route to be fully automated out of Blue Lake to Cottonwood interchange with UP. Yard and intermodal proposed for that area and I-5. Route completely automated from Cottonwood to Westwood connect with BNSF. Perhaps purchase Alamonor R.R. as well. Route to by pass Susanville and link to UP at Wendell. Satellite dish sites in escrow or awaiting Forest approval.

When asked to provide details:

Eastern railroads seeking access to the West Coast. Hope to also purchase UP’s second line through Nevada and Utah that is a duplication. Large ship container port at Fields Landing and smaller ships (containers) at Samoa on Humboldt Bay. Modern standards not 1860’s engineering. Fully automated. Hydrogen locomotives to keep the eco-nuts happy. North Coast R.R. will be blocked in Sonoma and Marin Counties because of liberal bitching about everything. This road runs mostly on Federal lands which don’t need local approval. National security concern as Ports of Oakland and Los Angeles/Long Beach are impacted and bottlenecked. Route is in counties with high unemployment. Estimated price $7 billion. New corporation to be created at Cottonwood, CA. (mid-point). State and Federal monies possible especially as traffic relief of freeways. Routed out of Blue Lake down the Mad River. Tunnels through South Fork Mountain to Trinity River. Follows it to Yolla Bolly where it is tunneled to headwaters of Cottonwood Creek. Meets I-5 and UP at Cottonwood. Follows Battle Creek east towards Chester and then Feather River to junction with BNSF. Parallels BNSF to Westwood follows Susan River to Honey Lake. Around the lake and connects at Wendell UP line to Wineamucca. Limited grade crossings, no population centers expect at Humboldt Bay. EPA waivered do to necessity but conform to standards without review process. Will also feature other utilities, NG,desalinated water,oil, electric.

Doesn’t quite cut it, googling about it doesn’t help. Keeping surveyors, etc, from the news media, etc to do real investigation work, is quite impossible. Delusional, or troll, or both. Needs much more real info to be believable.

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