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NCRA board meeting 9 Apr 2008 slide show
Friday 11 Apr 2008, 10:58
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NCRA board_presentation_april_9_2008 I did another PDF to make things more compatible. Nice to see some progress along the line. Original file here.

Highlights: Note, I just Cut and pasted from the slide show. Some new pictures, some old. Some done that way for before and after.

Signal contract #1
Repair 28 Signals Lombard to Santa Rosa
TCRP Project 32.9
Awarded July 11, 2007
Contract Amount $5,818,640
85% complete
testing signals end of this month.

Signal contract #2
Repair 27 Signals Petaluma to Windsor
TCRP Project 32.9
Awarded November 1, 2007
Contract Amount $4,482,504
All Remaining Equipment Ordered
Completion Scheduled July 2008

King Salmon
TCRP Project 32.4
Awarded September 12, 2007
Contract Amount $558,928
Construction Phase 1 95%Complete
Phase 1 first 500ft of 3100ft Repair
Phase 1 Performing Well
Phase 2 Start May, 2008

Schellville Dewatering
Department F&G June 28 Agreement
Cooper Crane and Rigging Contractor
September 18, 2007 Started Work
Contract Amount $1,542,800
Temporary Levee Repairs 100% Complete
Dewatering in process

Schellville Embankment Repair Contract G1
TCRP 32.4
12 Bidders
Ghilotti Bros / Cooper Crane
Awarded December 21, 2007
Contract Amount $1,267,000
Repairs Started March 31, 2008

Timber Bridge Contract T3
Repair 42 Timber Bridges
TCRP Project 32.9
Awarded November 7, 2007
Contract Amount $3,927,700
Mobilizing and Ordering Material
Repairs Started at RR Slough and Wingo

Black Point Fender Repairs
Black Point Bridge Damaged By Barge January 16, 2008
Coast Guard Ordered Repairs To Protect Mariners
Fender Repairs In-Kind Completed January 24, 2008

Russian River Division EIR
90% Complete with DEIR
Traffic Study/Report Complete
Noise Study/Report Complete
Air Study/Report Complete
DEIR Estimated June, 2008

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