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AP: Thief breaks into ‘ketchup’ railcar
Thursday 10 Apr 2008, 10:20
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GALESBURG, Ill. – Police called to investigate a theft at a private railyard in Galesburg encountered a gory-looking scene when they climbed into the burglarized railcar, but it wasn’t blood. It was ketchup — a lot of ketchup.

The officers were called to the rail parking facility behind the Railroad Refrigeration Services plant Saturday night after an employee found that one railcar had been forced open. But the car wasn’t filled with liquor, prime meat or any of the other usual targets of such thefts. Instead, it was filled with containers of ketchup.

Police said the thief didn’t appear to have stolen any of the ketchup, but had — in apparent frustration — squirted some of it all over the inside of the car.

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