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New HealthSport in Myrtletown ground breaking April 18th
Tuesday 8 Apr 2008, 02:25
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Health Sport will be breaking ground this April 18th, ground work done by end of June, and open by 01 Jan 2009. Location, the grassy field right next to Eureka Floor.  The 20k sq foot build will parallel Myrtle ave, with the parking lot behind it, accessible via Pennsylvania street. It will have a smaller 2nd story, and have a pool.

This is one of those times, I love my job, however i may end up wiring it for phone and data.



Kind of a neat addition. Hate to see that empty lot get filled up though. For some reason I’ve always enjoyed that open space there.

I can’t help but wonder when the guy who lives behind that lot is gonna build something on the big lot he has? Myrtletown was so nice back in the good old days when there was a lot of open space there.

Comment by Fred Mangels

An interesting thought in your message. Is that where do we put everything? The population as a whole is getting larger. There isn’t a single plan that everybody can agree with.

You have in fill, basically filling up lots with in the city’s, or reusing them. The problem there is limited land to do so. City plans limit you to X stories high, as to not disturb the over all feel of a neighbor hood.

Then you have the same old plan, build everywhere, replacing timber, and ag lands with housing. The problem there is it limits food production, etc.

I like in fill, but we need to increase the stories.

Then again, no one lies to like in apartments, the American dream isn’t apartments, but single story big homes. Also apartments tend to become slums of their own.

Comment by capdiamont

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