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John Woolley endorses Mark Lovelace
Tuesday 8 Apr 2008, 11:37
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Run for you lives everybody, it must be the end of the NCRA! At least you would think it was. After getting off the phone with John, it turns out, that yes he view Mark Lovelace as the best candidate, not perfect, but the best. He doesn’t view Humboldt County Supervisors as having a big influence, they only appoint people to the NCRA board. He thinks Mark being a Supervisor, will have to balance his views.

Old Heraldo view’s

NCJ with the scoop and photo.




It’s not a surprise. I’m sad to say.

When it comes to a vote on planning issues, or timber issues – which master do you think Lovelace will serve? The people? Or the activists of which he is one? Will he vote to further the agenda he has been being paid to promote?

Let’s just hope we don’t find out.

Comment by Rose

Democracy is an interesting thing, its greatest strength and weakness is its people. That was a paraphrase from somebody else.

On one hand the government needs to listen to its people, and the other it has to ignore it. Somehow it has to strike a balance. It has to lead.

Who then decides this balance?

Comment by capdiamont

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