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Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, and Free Taiwan
Monday 7 Apr 2008, 10:56
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Never has there been such an outcry to free Tibet, and protests stopping the Olympic torch along it’s way. Then again, never have we stooped so low as to allow the Olympic games to be held in China. I call upon all US law makers to prevent all participation in the Olympic games by US citizens. That means all athletes, sponsors, companies, and regular citizens.

Further more, as a protest, the Olympic torch should not be allowed to enter US soil, April 9th in San Francisco, or anywhere else, at anytime, while China is in charge.

Make no mistake about it, China is mad about the protests.

Officials put out Olympic torch 3 times

Protests halt Paris torch relay early

Interesting, keeping the flame alive.

On a lighter note, China is willing to sit down and talk with the protesters, at its zoo’s.

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