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STAA trucks now allowed to get to Humboldt bay area from 101 North
Wednesday 2 Apr 2008, 02:02
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Kim Floyed, spoke person from Caltrans spoke at the Citizens for port development today.

Caltrans fixed a curve at big lagoon, now STAA trucks can hit Eureka area from 101 on he North. Caltrans is waiting on signs, within the next couple of weeks, then will have press conference to officially open it up. It was just a minor change to fix it.

So, what is the big deal about realigning Richardson grove again?




SURPRISE! I never saw that one coming.

Comment by Anon.R.Mous

I didn’t either. It pretty much blows the arguments about preventing Home Depot, Walmart, etc, doesn’t it? The signs are to warn drivers that 299, and 101 south are not STAA. I think 199 also.

Comment by capdiamont

As we were heading south of Rio Dell the other day we (my husband and I) saw one of the new trucks headed south. Apparently, a few truckers are already headed through Richardson’s Grove. Although there is the slight possibility that this one was dumping a load before there and then returning North.

Comment by Kym

Go figure.. it thought your comment was spam. They not supposed to be going through RG yet.

Comment by capdiamont

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