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Heraldo comes out
Tuesday 1 Apr 2008, 09:55
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After confronting Mark Lovelace that the overwhelming evidence pointed to him, he confessed it was indeed him. You see, with his posting about the diesel spill in fresh water. Having smelled the fumes, and getting a phone call from the phone tree alert meant he was a Freshwater local. According to the Times Standard only 170 people actually received the call.

Yet Hank Sims refers to Heraldo as “Ms”. Was this to throw us off because of being a part of the great Heraldo conspiracy, or was it because he saw Heraldo dress in drag, or has gender identity issues? Despite the reasons, running his posts through The Gender Genie proved they were all written by a male. This begs the question, if Heraldo refers to the Humboldt Herald as “we”, why isn’t there some posts from Females? Any respectable newspaper tries to incorporate the views of both genders.


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April Fools? 🙂

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