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Saw a bicyclist get hit by a pickup today
Monday 17 Mar 2008, 09:41
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I was heading down I stree in Eureka about 3:15 pm or just later than that, in the left hand land, just starting to cross 7th street. The other vehicle was in the right hand lane on I street, also just starting to cross 7th. We had the green light, when the bicyclist in the bike lane, coming from the Times-Standard direction, crossed in front of the other vehicle.

I pulled over, called 911. The bicyclist was able to get up, and sit on the curb. People from Dr Hunts and on that side came out to help him out. I continued on. It was really weird to see someone get run over, even weirder to have NCJ Blog post something on watching out for bicyclists the same day.

At least one of the wheels was bent. I’m the kind of person, who has a hard time remembering things. I hope not to get called about this.



That is something I’d rather never witness.

I’ve been hit by a car while bicycling. Luckily, I couldn’t see it.

Comment by Carson Park Ranger

I’d say he didn’t get “run over”, he got hit by the car. If he’d actually been run over, he wouldn’t have fared as well as he did.

So the bicyclist ran a red light?

Comment by Fred Mangels

I never like seeing accidents. Close by, not too long ago I was almost hit by a bicyclist, at H and I.

Ok Fred I’ll accept that one. It was just like he was on a hinge. He was going the opposite direction of traffic on 7th. We had the green light. At least the cross walk light should of been red for him, no main lights point in his direction.

Comment by capdiamont

I’m not sure anyone likes seeing accidents. Heck, you don’t even have to see them. I know it makes my hair stand on end just hearing an accident down the street. You know; That sound of one car hitting another? Even if you don’t see it, you know what happened and your stomach churns.

I’m still haunted by a dog I saw get hit by a car right out in front of my house last December(?). It ran right out in the street in front of me. The sound of impact was similar to two cars colliding, which was disturbing enough.

The dog actually survived, at least for a while. The owners took it to the vet and it’s never been seen since. I’m sure it was euthanized. I’m still haunted by that, in part because I feel it was at least partly my fault.

BTW, in the Times- Standard today, the front page has the story about that teenager in Mckinleyville that was run over by a car. He was supposedly laying in the road and was literally run over. Ironically, the T-S story said he was “hit” by a car.

Years ago, when our old cat, Miss Kitty, got run over in the street, a passersby brought Miss Kitty to our house and lay her on our front porch telling me, “Is this your cat? It just got hit by a car…”.

I didn’t bother correcting her.

Comment by Fred Mangels

There are a few locations in Arcata where I see bicyclists doing terrible, stupid and illegal things. Mostly going the wrong way on one way streets, and running signs and such.

I feel conflicted because I like bicycles, I want to encourage people to ride them. But if I’m going to share the road, they do too. You’d think the shear vulnerability of being on a bike around larger vehicles would scare them straight.

sorry for ranting.
the last post was great Fred.

Comment by kaivalya

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