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MIJ letter to the editor: SkyTran a ‘diversion’ for now
Sunday 16 Mar 2008, 08:28
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There is nothing wrong with looking at new modes or transportation such as SkyTran (IJ, March 8). However, SkyTran’s practical applications are a long way off and it will take lots of time, money and research before we see it embraced. Even then, this particular system might not work for us: It won’t reduce traffic load from trucks; it is expensive, subject to power outages and requires a supporting infrastructure in someone’s backyard.Meanwhile, we have existing rail infrastructure with right of way bought and paid for that other locales would die for. With relatively little investment, we can, in a very short time frame, complete a renovation/modernization that will substantially reduce vehicle and freight load from Highway 101, provide efficient, continuous, comfortable, rail transportation from Sonoma to Marin, improve local economies and reduce pollution.

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (AB 2224), which was created for that purpose, is an immediate answer. It is now time our Board of Supervisors and city leaders reprioritize their commitment to fix Marin’s No. 1 problem (traffic), end their petty NIBMY stances and lawsuits and take action supporting this initiative.

Fortunately, we voters can fix that in November. SkyTran is only a diversion for “Jetson” Arnold and leaders unwilling to address the traffic problem. When SkyTran is ready, it will be the smart thing to do. For now, SMART is the best alternative.

Steven Pointer, BEL MARIN KEYS

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