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ER: The right decision for Humboldt Harbor
Monday 3 Mar 2008, 07:39
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Also the majority of comments were for B, according to the TS article.

Thursday evening, after much debate and public commentary, the board of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation Commission voted to have its consultants develop a Redwood Marine Terminal business plan based on the sensible “Option B.”

This approach calls for development of a shipping berth that begins with the same multi-purpose facility on Samoa Peninsula that is envisioned in Option A. It would accommodate local barge traffic, occasional special projects and bulk cargo shipments and cruise ships. It would, however, be designed for expansion in the event that rail service becomes available to the site so that it could receive containers for trans-shipment to the national rail network and on eastward to many markets.

The initial phase, similar to Option A, would involve modest job creation and economic activity, but could move into the larger development mode once rail service was determined to be certain. Once completed, the large port facility would bring numerous permanent jobs and steady economic benefits for the entire county. The cost would not be cheap. The district’s consultants, TranSystems, have estimated that and investment of $30 million will be needed for the first phase. Even that, however, will mean a number temporary new construction jobs.

The board’s adoption of Option B shows that it is far-sighted and understands the need for the county to have an “engine” for solid, steady economic growth. The marine terminal has the potential to provide just that. We applaud the board’s decision.


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