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Sunday 24 Feb 2008, 08:28
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Anon.r.mous scores a touch down with his series of posts with photo’s on the so called ENORMOUS trucks that will be allowed with the minor modifications. “F.U.D. from Paul Cienfuegos and Richard Salzman“, “Anon.r.mous’ helpful picture guide to STAA trucks“, and “What causes more damage to the roads?

Samoa Softball learns the reasons why the slightly longer length is needed, and has has the good graces to admit where he is wrong. Thanks!

Heraldo fumbles with her OC disorder to tie everything to Arkley. Pathetic, unable to learn, and not willing to admit mistakes, like usual.

Me personally, it is sad to think we value trees over human life. It is only a few trees. More trees in Humboldt County fall down every year due to wind, than will be affected by the project.


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Agreed! This whole thing is flat out insane! Glad to see Anon.R.mous lay it out in such clear terms.

I think the Salzman crew are the ones who are 🙂 paranoid, delusional and nasty (to quote one of the Orks) 🙂 Very funny!

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