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Track clearing this Sat and Eureka to Arcata Speeder run May 17th
Sunday 10 Feb 2008, 11:49
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Due to the Strategic Planning conference and not much advertisement, we only had two people out there clearing the tracks. Didn’t matter though, with the clearing of the 4th Saturday of January and this time, we were able to get to the causeway paralleling 255/New Navy Base Road. The causeway will give us about 1,220ft of light brush, and wood debris to clear, and it will be fast. Then it will have sections of heavy slow going brush/trees. View Map. It has be suggested we move next clearing to the other side of the bay next clearing date to ensure MOW group of a long run. I would like to continue one more time with speeders on this side. To further clean things up, and so people can see the speeders running along beside highway 255.


Our clean ups are the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. We have been meeting at the crossing at the North end of the fence surrounding the roundhouse. The meeting point is listed on the map also. I’ve been volunteered to do up, and send press releases to the local newspapers promoting the track clearing. I’ve never done one in my life, and as Hank says, my grammar is bad.

Marcus said the Strategic Planning went well. Participants were positive including Patrick Higgins were positive and wanting to get things going for THA. Patrick Higgins is a member of THA. Seems as though he wants to get a Fishing Museum up and running within the Museum complex of the Maritime, THA, Somoa Cookhouse, and looks like now a Fishing Museum, plus????

Motorcar Operators West is having a speeder run from Eureka to Arcata on May 17th-18th. Still listed as tentative, but talking with Doug Jenson it looks like a go. Unfortunately I can’t get their history of past runs up, to note the northern end runs. A nice photo essay of their 2005 work party on the southern end of the NWP is here. They have done a lot of work on the NWP. Kudos to them.

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