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NCRA posts 9Jan2008 meeting slide show and update news
Monday 4 Feb 2008, 09:00
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NCRA posted the slide show that was supposed to be shown at the Eureka 9Jan2008 meeting. I don’t know when they posted it, for I usually don’t visit that area. It is in power point format. I hate power point, but open office opens it just right, and can save it to PDF here.

There is a mini map on the slide show of the Schellville dewatering process/repair. I added it to my map here to make it more clear of where the railroad goes. The railroad is the purple line, and the blue is something I’m curious about. It isn’t the railroad line, might be a small road.



[…] deal except for the small stretch near  the nuke plant, which he uses 2005 photo, and none that show recent repairs. No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. Leave a comment […]

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The blue line is the old railroad track between Wingo and Ramal. It was built by the California Northwestern and was sold to Southern Pacific on Aug.12,1911. It was essentially a short cut avoiding the loop through Schellville. I don’t know when it was abandoned or when the track was pulled up.

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