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MIJ: Rail agency seeks Novato’s records
Wednesday 23 Jan 2008, 07:25
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I only hope this works and helps in some way.

Staff Report
Article Launched: 01/22/2008 11:24:03 PM PST

The North Coast Rail Authority has filed a lawsuit against the city of Novato, seeking public records as part of its court battle over freight train service.

The lawsuit, filed Jan. 17 in Marin Superior Court, seeks all correspondence, including letters, notes, e-mails and phone messages between Novato City Manager Dan Keen and others from Jan. 1 to Dec. 11, 2007.

The city last year filed a lawsuit against the rail authority, saying the agency needed to conduct more environmental studies before proceeding with plans to extend rail service through the city. A Marin Superior Court has issued a tentative ruling in favor of Novato; a final ruling is pending.

Keen said he had told rail officials that he would not be able to comply with a records request until the second week of January.

He said Tuesday he has prepared the documents on two CDs and City Attorney Jeffrey Walter is reviewing them. He said the rail agency should have the material by the end of the week.

“I don’t think we’ve been unreasonable,” Keen said. “It was not a simple exercise.”


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I don’t understand why Novato is trying so hard to stop rail service. The railroad has been around for 81 YEARS before Novato even became incorporated. It’s irritating to hear the city of Novato complaining about all the construction they have done next to the tracks and how running trains will disturb that area. Do all the people in Novato need glasses? If you don’t want to live by a railroad or run a business next to one then don’t. It’s not like the tracks popped out of the ground all of the sudden. Novato made a mistake thinking the tracks would never run again and are now trying to make NCRA pay for their mistake. I hope that judge decides to rule in favor of NCRA because they need to start getting some sort of income so they don’t go bankrupt because of busybodies.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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