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My Niece signed up with the Army, with a job she didn’t want, what can she do?
Friday 11 Jan 2008, 10:56
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My Niece called me up today, wanting advice. I was hoping to do the live online recruiter chat, but they are closed. It has been a little while since I’ve been in, and I wouldn’t know all the in’s and out’s anyways. I support her anyway she wants to go. What can she do?

“I enlisted in Sept. of 2007 with SGT M as a 68G (Patient Administrative specialist) and an E-1. I have to train as that job b/c that is what my bonus is in. I wasn’t happy w/ it when I did my contract and should’ve just walked out right then. M said that I would have no trouble getting the job that I wanted…When I went home in Dec we were supposed to go down to the MEPS to change my rank to an E-3, but he didn’t show up.

So now the recruiters in S are saying that I should call SGT M and tell him that I don’t want to be in the army and that I am joining the National Guard. He needs to release me…I think that it’s called depo(somethine along the lines of that) The recruits in S actually have someone in recruiting for the National Guard that can call down to SGT M and tell him that he needs to hurry up and do it.

After SGT M puts that in, the National Guard is going to release my information back to the army reserve recruiters. The S recruiters are going to put in a online reservation for me so that I can ensure the job that I want (68W, 68X, 68D, or a few others). I will also get an AIT time that actually works so I don’t have to miss school. Oh and I’ll get my e-3. Next time I go down to the MEPS all I have to do is my contract and swear in. This is supposed to take place on the 26th of the month, but I need to call M soon.

One of the recruiters is reserve and the other is active duty…I don’t I just needed to check this over with someone b/c I don’t trust the recruiters anymore.”


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Too bad she wasn’t better informed before she signed up. Best of luck to her.

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