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10 Jan 2008: Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District. Passes 1b application grant.
Thursday 10 Jan 2008, 08:58
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I love having wifi, makes the meetings so much better. I was able to get here early, and fiddle around with the video camera. Much better lighting on the video. Note, my notes of all comments, including the NCRA meeting are paraphrases. Please see the videos for accuracy.

1st thing, was a Resolution in memory of commissioner Davenport

Comments have started.

Higgins had to note, no decision will be made tonight, and changes will be made, in response to someone.

I’m trying to run a count.

19:56 A:4 B:6 both:1 neither:6

20:15 A:6 B:9 both:1 neither:9

there is concern that just relying on tourist jobs will not pay like union port jobs.

there is concern that aquarium, fresh fish dock, etc weren’t considered.

need to think of next generation, next generation needs jobs, his child loves the area, but can’t afford to stay here.

board members weren’t allowed to comment of feasibility.

20:32 Higgins criticizes last part, and neither option is feasible. Says should have way to communicate with consultants. Submitted comments in writing to consultants.

tonight was for public comments. Some commissioner’s have meet with the consultants.

Mike Wilson: should have a dialog with the public, not just accepting comments


Mike Wilson: How does it become congestion relief? Even under the other corridor, it is for high volume corridors. How does they come up with 6,000 rail cars.(Board didn’t know). He talked to gavel operators and didn’t see where it is coming from. How did the NCRA lower the cost? NCRA couldn’t of over estimate costs, if they lowered the overall cost. What does containers have to do with this project? Is NCRA going to send containers to south fork, and trans load them? The whole idea of this project is to eventually link up the whole railroad, which is the point of containers in the project. Concerned they might be looked upon as co-conspirators with NCRA, and be the target of Novato.

Hunter: willing to do everything possible to deal with the shoaling problem.

lady: same, brought up captain

captain: yesterday encountered 32ft depth mid channel, at the entrance.
Higgins: supports tourist train, doesn’t think it is viable. doesn’t support.


Mitch NCRA: wants to restore the right of way, like they did down south

Marcus Brown: 1st ray of hope in years. Major thing going for us is regional balance as far as funds.

Virgina Bass for Evergreen pulp: For 1b grant.

Mike Wilson: Pro railroad, but no vial ability of current plan. Thinks there is less of a chance of getting shoaling funding with being tied to the railroad. Made a motion to separate shoaling out.

Motion to separate shoaling out, fails.

Motion to approve application for grant, passes.

Motion to remove Klamath dams, approved.

Where is these agenda items?

22:32 One person who was Mayor pro temp of blue lake says Eureka Southern did lots of logging of the line. Also in his professional opinion, it would take billions to stabilize the railroad. He treats the landslides 20 or 30 as rivers of mud. In response to the motion to support control  of errison.

22:35 meeting over. 3 1/2 hours of video. Sometime tomorrow will upload the video, and clean things up.


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