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9Jan2008: NCRA meeting: Shortline passes
Wednesday 9 Jan 2008, 01:20
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Video is on it’s way. I have mixed feelings, on one part it would be very nice to see the plan work, to get something running up here relativity soon. The other, I hope CEQA isn’t violated.

I uploaded the video in several parts, for several reasons. One, the video camera automatically breaks them down in to one hour or less segments. Two, the computer seems to deal with the conversion a lot faster. Three, uploading is less frustrating.

Part 1, about 1 hour long

Part 2, about 1 hour long

Part 3, about 1 hour long

Part 4, about 1 hour long

Part 5, about 1 hour long


So far it has been civil, not even any protest signs in the meeting. At least at the BOS, you have wifi. You have to pay for it, but you have wifi.

One person who said they had a degree in economics, supports the rail. Another in charge of labor, supports rail.

I’m currently video taping it, but will take a long time to download, and convert to web use.

Meeting started at 11am. I was scrambling to get here on time. I was adding new phone wiring for a customer.


Allen Hemphill: We need to find ways to make this happen.

Marcus: Benefits/trail is ceiling. Why not east side?

Arcata Mayor: Can be both.

Property owner: His and his deed, only allows railroad use. What about private property use?

Operator: Concerned about that the setback may not be good enough, set by PUC, liability, capacity. Capacity diminished, because a 2nd track couldn’t be put in.

Legal: As long as the railroad hasn’t been abandoned, easement’s have not reverted back.

Updated projections at Feb meeting.

Short Line around Humboldt Bay:

Operator: Looking forward to working with Marcus, but track must be acceptable to the FRA. Got rail car load estimates by talking to potential shippers.

Cost reduction for this section of railroad reduced due to revised estimates, 39 million to 30 million. Due to actual costs of restoration, down south.

Deadline for project, next week. CTC decision in April.

Toxics ladyPatty Clary of CATS, CEQA would be again be violated if this application goes forth, without a look at the whole railroad. Board members can go to jail for violations of law, such as CEQA. Consent degree, mandates clean up of toxics on railroad. Lease funds are supposed to be used to clean up those sites. Majority of sites haven’t been cleaned up.

NCRA Legal: Isn’t violation by making a decision on the project today.

Request for several people to table the decision, agree with CEQA violation.

I’m starving, and missing lots of work time. I think I’ll request time off for next meeting.

One person said it is wrong money for wrong project, offered to help out with grants. Should of put this funding to rails with trails.

People are down to one min for comments, due to time.

Kelly: Doesn’t think request for funding requires CEQA. Trail study didn’t do CEQA yet. Can’t get any money, unless you ask. This is something pressed due to short time frame.

Video is just over 4 hours. We used to joke in the Army, we needed hazardous duty pay for meetings.

Wooley: Our job is to restore rail.

Olliver: Thanks Wooley, says we need to get things together. Can’t stop people from moving here.

Thanks Mike B. for name of toxics.

Meyers: Doesn’t remove 48,000 trucks, for they are not there to begin with. Legal told him 1 rail car removes 4 trucks. Do we lose crediability with CTC, etc if we apply for funds we don’t ….. Will vote no.

McDonald: Will vote no. Doesn’t meet prop 1b mandates, and won’t even with tweaking. No economic justification as a standalone, only with full railroad. Do the full feasibility of the full railroad. Don’t do “pipe dream” incremental projects.

Robert Simonson: Same arguments against railroad 10 years ago, should put them in writing, so they don’t have to listen to them.

Measure Passes.

Schellville, temp repairs to levee done. Will post photos on NCRA’s website.

Noted death of Donald D. Edmisten.



Thanks for the updates Lawrence. I had to get back to work but this way I can at least get a sense of how the meeting is going along. Keep it coming.

Comment by Mike Buettner

Toxics lady is Patty Clary of CATS.

Comment by Mike Buettner

Any idea which hour Marc Matteoli spoke in?

Comment by Fred Mangels

Thanks Mike for your comments.

Fred: I have no idea. My mind is still numb.

Comment by capdiamont

[…] Capdiamont has the video of the whole thing. I’m giving him credit because he sat through the whole […]

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