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NA posted a NWP trestle completely underwater
Saturday 5 Jan 2008, 09:58
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It is under their storm slide show.

TIM OMARZU/ADVANCE Water in Novato Creek behind the Vintage Oaks shopping center completed submerged the railroad track bridge.

Looks like they are looking south. The problem with trestles are the many bents in the water. Anything in the water will collect debris, and restrict water. If you click on the photo, you will see a large amount of debris build up. Map here.

The railroad again crosses Novato Creek on the south side of highway 37. No word on how that one is doing.

Update: User Open joint reports contrary to my assume on Altamont Press board, that the trestle was in fact cleared out prior to the storms. The debris was the month built up during the storms. NCRA even had a contractor go out and do some clearing of the storm debris.

Author: Open joint
Date: 01-06-2008 – 10:38

The high water at Novato creek Was in fact just that, high water . The NCRA working with the County of Marin and its dept. of public works dispatched track mounted heavy equipment to Novato creek trestle Wednesday January 2nd. . The creek was cleared of debris a day before the storm arrived January 3th.During the storm as debris began to collect Cooper crane and rigging brought in a long reach excavator and cleared debris as needed. Meanwhile the line is being inspected and patrolled with a watchful eye for drainage during wet weather. Too many times the NCRA has been unfairly criticized for not knowing or responding. The agency was set up without enough funding to do routine maintance. A small dedicitated crew works hard addressing maintance issues.


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[…] they would be replacing the trestle with a concrete bridge, before their trains ran on the line. Photo here of trestle underwater. Wednesday, January 9, 2008 1:36 PM […]

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