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The new Longs store in Henderson Center
Friday 4 Jan 2008, 07:22
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Redwood Pharmacy in Henderson Center, Eureka was bought out by Longs. There was already customer’s calling in to find out what is up with their beloved store when I was there. It will be interesting to see what happens. It was neat watching their robotic prescription machine filling bottles, and putting labels on them. This looked like only part of their prescriptions.



Are you saying Long’s just bought them out, or did this happen earlier? It wasn’t too long ago that it was just “Henderson Center Pharmacy”, then for whatever reason they switched to Redwood Pharmacy.

In case no one noticed, I believe the Myrtletown Pharmacy switched to Redwood Pharmacy, too.

Comment by Fred Mangels

Longs bought them out. I’m not sure about the one on Myrtle. I had to survey where all the phone lines go, and turn the info over to Longs.

Comment by capdiamont

Redwood Pharmacies owned both Henderson Center and Myrtletown Pharmacies and both were sold to Long’s, is my understanding.

I can’t wait to see what Long’s does with that, seeing as it’s so close to Rite-Aid, and relatively close to another entire Long’s store… curious.

Comment by Monica

I knew both were owned by Redwood Pharmacies. While I figured both would be sold. I didn’t know for a fact.

Such nice stores. I hope they keep their charm.

I’m surprised the newspapers didn’t pick up on it yet. It’s been about a month.

Comment by capdiamont

Both sores were sold. They were not bought out. The stores went up for sale for personal reasons regarding the owner. Both stores swithched names to Redwood a while back becuase of a different personal family problem. Long’s orignally put an offer on both stores back in November sometime and has yet to sign the paper work. As I understand the Henderson Center store will be closing.

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks for the update.

Comment by capdiamont

I can’t believe all the rumors above regarding the stores… The owners were entertaining offers from Longs… they were never set in stone the Henderson Center store was never closing. As for the name change they happen to own 3 stores and wanted them under a one name umbrella. It’s now Sept. and the stores are still not sold. Don’t believe all the rumors you hear.

Comment by Anonymous

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