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weird error on iMac after upgrade
Sunday 30 Dec 2007, 09:11
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My end state with the iMac is it doesn’t try to the hard drive or the cd drive, but displays, “DEFAULT CATCH, code=300 at %SRR0: 0000b030” in really small print. Next idea is put the old hardrive back in. If it works, to do a firmware update.

The shuttle got the 500gb sata and stick of ram from the linux server. The linux server has a dead motherboard. I originally tried the 160gb hd in the iMac, forgetting the limit, from the shuttle. I was able to boot the 10.1 CD, but unable to see the HD. Trying the 80gb gave me the current results.

Another place for info is MacMod. They have nice articles on converting the iMac’s to use an external monitor, or use a PC ATA power supply.

Here is a good article on making it a server, iNAS.

iMac mods 1

iMac mods 2



Hey Lawrence – Are you running Panther (OS 10.4) on you iMac?

I have some Panther books I’m getting rid of:

Mac OSX Panther Hacks

Running Mac OSX Panther

Free if you would like them.

Comment by Mike Buettner

it would be interesting to look through them.

With the iMac I’m a little frustrated. The only time I get that error is with the 80gb hd, that was a windows/linux boot disk.

I can still use the origional 6gb with 9.2.2 and boots fine.

I tried a 15gb, got it to where I can install 10.1.3 or 8.5 but will not boot off the hard drive.

I can get the system to see a 160gb hd, but as a 128gb one, can’t get 10.1.3 to install on it.

All hard drives were strapped as master.

I posted on MacMod, but so far no solution. MacMod Forum Topic

Comment by capdiamont

Oh on the topic, some said 10.4 can be installed, with some software, even though my iMac doesn’t have fire wire.

Comment by capdiamont

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