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Had to replace the DC jack on my laptop yesterday
Tuesday 18 Dec 2007, 08:00
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The night before that, my laptop Acer Aspire 9410, took a dive off our bed. It looked like everything was working fine, so I wasn’t worried. Got to work, and was able to complete and send my time card. Then I started to realize something wrong, when it kept shutting off.  Not much battery  power left, and not seeing the power adapter. Plug in the jack quite loose, wiggle it, doesn’t help. Multimeter on the power adapter shows good. Took a look at the jack on the computer, OUCH! I have a window in to my computer, not a center pin to be found.

No way to avoid things now have to see about replacing the jack. Call up Staples to see about getting it replaced. Seems as though neither the Manufacturer’s or the two/three year Staples Warranty covers accidents.!!!!!

Next plan is to replace it myself. I take the power adapter to  Redwood Electronics, the old guy takes his pocket knife out, and carefully starts opening packages so we can try them. Feeling guilty about only getting a $1.?? product on credit card, I go looking and end up getting a pair of solid state relays I’ve wanted.

Thanks to Shawn at the County Public Health IS department, I figure out the many steps needed to open my laptop up. I use a 3/8’s drill to open up the hole a bit more, some five minute expoxy to make sure it stays, and smallest stranded wire around the place to connect the jack and motherboard. Main two keys of opening up the thing, is to remove the keyboard, and the plastic strip the power button is on.

After about two and half hours, it works again!



Nice work. I wish I’d known you a couple of years ago when I had the exact same problem. I couldn’t find any repair shop willing to take on repairs.

So I took up a soldering iron and went after it myself, with predictable results.

Comment by Hank Sims

Yep, you’re a better man than I, Capd-a-din. I would of been lost with a problem like that and would have likely ended up sending the laptop back to the manufacturer.

Comment by Fred Mangels

I have to disagree a bit there Fred. I’m good at some skills, because they are my interests, and took the time to learn them. I do not feel I’m better than anybody. Maybe that is a fallacy of life to try an compare oneself to others.

I have many faults, without spell check my writings would be unreadable, other might say it still is. Though sometimes spell check has no clue what I saying, so I give up and try another route.

Another is I have a curtain rod, non stretch type to replace the stretch type. I ended up cutting it a bit short, so it works, but if you hit it, it falls down. Today I hit it can it fell down, and the screws on one side came out. Sigh.

To me soldering isn’t hard, heat up the iron, touch it to the two metals to be joined, and touch the solder to the iron and metals. The solder melts to the metals, and seems to transfer heat better, making it easier.

As far as the laptop goes, it works, but is missing a few screws.

Comment by capdiamont

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