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Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit
Saturday 15 Dec 2007, 08:46
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Built in the 1970’s, at a cost of one hundred twenty million, carries fifteen thousand people a day. The vehicles have a design capacity of twenty people, powered by electricity, and run on steam heated track with rubber wheels. West Virgina University runs the short, five station transit with a total of seventy cars.

Photo from Wikipedia

It has the flavor of personal rapid transit, but by modern standards, carries too many people per vehicle. The flavor of PRT is many vechicles, carrying small numbers of people going directly to the station they want, avoiding unnecessary stops. Steam heating contributes to a large energy usage. During the Mountaineer Cram event at Mountaineer Week student groups shove as many people possible in to a car. The record is 97 back in 2000.

“The record for most riders in a day is 31,280, set on August 21, 2006.” from Wikipedia.

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