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Clearing the ROW today.
Saturday 15 Dec 2007, 02:40
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Looks like a good amount of people showed up today at least at the Marsh area, and spread out from there. I was the “representative” that showed up according to NCJ blog. At least got some to sign the liability forms. Didn’t expect many to do so. I did bring over 500 just in case. Thanks to all those who did. I did take picts of the entire area being worked on. Will do an update, with picts. Have to go install a phone line at a relatives house.

Homeless Christmas TreeTo me, this is Christmas. More Picts to follow.

People along the way…..

Nice View from bridge going in to Eureka


The other side of the bay, was cut by John A, about the 25th of Nov. I wanted to see the progress. He shortened the distance we need on that side to make it through the heavily grown section separating us from running along the highway there. Also Thinned that section out. Good Job!pic_0246-copy.jpgLooking North from the section that was cleared out to the highway.

Somebody used a grease pen and made these markings. Does anybody know what they mean?pic_0238-copy.jpgpic_0239-copy.jpgpic_0240-copy.jpg

TS article and comments
ER article

I don’t know how much was cleared by yesterday’s group from Arcata to Eureka. Majority of people started in Arcata. There were a few who started about 9am or so, at the Arcata Marsh, and The Red House area. Somebody closed the hole in the fence the Eureka area people were supposed to enter in, that’s why I offered up the need to go to the Blue Ox crossing. I wouldn’t call myself a representative of the railroad. I did call myself a volunteer for the railroad. How did I get to be that way? Simply knowing that is what they make us do every time we do a clearing on the other side of the bay, which hasn’t been cleared in a much longer time frame. So I asked on the answering machine. Heather forwarded it and my number to Wooley. Wooley called me up to confirm that I would be willing to do so. Yep.

If you ever need to get a large amount of copies at Kinko’s, ask the front desk for a quote VS self serve. I assumed self serve was cheaper, and did the copies that way. Turns out to be cheaper at the front desk.

The dog with the Yellow rain coat, is Sheba.

Update #?: Hank Sims has more picts here.

Arcata Eye  Article here



Right on Lawrence.


Comment by Doug Jensen

Those appear to be gang markings, possibly Asian.

Comment by Mike Harris

I want to be clear, I didn’t organize this Saturday’s group, only tried to get people to sign the forms.

Why if they are gang markings, are they in this area, and why on the rail?

Comment by capdiamont

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