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“Vagina Monologues,” is on at Eureka Theater Feb. 22 and 23
Saturday 15 Dec 2007, 06:08
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Some items that poke up are that the play’s management were unprofessional in their approach to the Arkley Center, and The Young Republican’s were also recently turned away. Yet you don’t hear Heraldo with his many sources tell that side of the story. You don’t hear The Young Republican’s screaming like a victim. All this for a play, in February even with the original venue.

Barkett said it is likely Class misunderstood the process, as filling out forms and submitting a deposit are only the very first steps on the long road of coming to an agreement with a production. Venuetech’s decision, Barkett said, was really based on Class’ inexperience in putting together productions, that this was an amateur endeavor and it was being put together on short notice.

The Vagina Monologues are far from the first fundraiser to be turned away from the Arkley Center, Barkett said, adding that she recently turned away the Young Republicans. The decisions have nothing to do with the causes, Barkett said, although the center tries to remain apolitical.

”We don’t want the building to be perceived as being about somebody’s political view,” she said. “We want it to be a celebratory place for the community.”

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