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Dec 15th row clearing.
Saturday 1 Dec 2007, 02:08
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As Hank “the Eye” has said from his throne of consistent bias against the railroad. There going to be a gathering of people to clear the tracks on Dec  15th. Meeting at 10am at Target, Bracut, and the Arcata Marsh. It remain to be seen how many people are present, you’ll need a lot of people only using clippers, and such. Been there, done that, and have plans to do some more.

NCRA’s position is they can’t stop such a gathering, just trying to limit their liability, by having them sign release forms. I do have the NCRA release forms, BTW. We have to sign them each time we go out and do something on the railroad.

However, STB say’s it is illegal for people to trespass on the railroad. It is also illegal to rip up the tracks without an abandonment process. There hasn’t yet been a application yet to abandon the railroad, any section of it.

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