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Buy nothing boycott, little noticed
Saturday 24 Nov 2007, 11:40
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What good is a boycott, if hardly anybody notices? Looks like shoppers were out in force yesterday. TS even ran two articles on it, banking on black Friday, and retailers, customers woke early…   ER reports it as a blitz. AP has a article despite economy, malls and stores jammed.

So what gives?



Yeah, I just don’t buy things on Black Friday because I feel sorry for the people working on that day. Shane Briton waffles a lot about the subject. “Well, if I can save money, who am I hurting, I don’t care, it’s all about me, can I tell you about being a commie?”

Comment by anon.r.mous

This “boycott” had no concrete goal. It was a meaningless protest against consumerism. If it had been like the UFW grape boycott I would had honored it. As it was, I didn’t see any reason to pay more for the same thing on a different day when I could get it for less yesterday. As for the workers: I feel sorry for people who don’t make a living wage or receive benefits. The days that they work matter a lot less to me than how they are treated. I’ll support campaigns that are designed to address poor working conditions and low wages, but a blanket boycott of all businesses on one day with no real aim is just pointless. Most people I talked to about this yesterday felt similarly.

Comment by Shane

The only reason I had yesterday off, is because we didn’t take Veteran’s Day off. What all the people working on any other holiday, or the weekend?

Comment by capdiamont

Too boot, I’m on call all weekend. If something drastic happens, I have to go out, and fix it. I just consider it, part of my job. I’m very thankful my job pays well.

Comment by capdiamont

I don’t think anybody expected it to work. People go out for the sales, and because shopping is the American past time.

The question is whether the planet can sustain our levels of consumption now that a billion Chinese want a piece of the same action. In other words, Mother Nature may eventually initiate a boycott of her own – with teeth.

In the meantime, to each their own. My kids and I went to the Exploratorium with the grandparents.

Comment by Eric Kirk

I don’t shop the day after Thanksgiving because I don’t like the crowds more than anything else – any idea if it was even crowded at the mall? I figure I’ll be shopping Dec. 23rd… always intend to get it done earlier, but never get around to it. 🙂 A boycott doesn’t change the number of people to buy for – or the gifts we’ll buy, so it is pointless.

Comment by Rose

It can’t be sustained. Despite all the hate of the US, most countries, and people want to be like us. We are already past peak oil production nationally, and globally.

How is he Exploratorium now? I haven’t been there in years.

There was a good amount of people at the Mall. That is why we bought at Radio Shack, less people.

The question, is who gives?

Comment by capdiamont

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