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Passenger Trains on the NWP, correction
Friday 23 Nov 2007, 10:01
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After a more careful review of the timetable for the Summer of 1923, there was two daily passenger trains each way from Sauslito to Eureka. The passenger train that I thought was number three each way, actually only ran from South Fork to Eureka, also a daily. On the Southern end, through Novato was eight trains each way, daily except Sunday. Sunday, one daily train is dropped, and two Sunday only trains are added. So through Novato, you have sixteen to eighteen trains depending on the day or one hundred fourteen trains per week, of just passenger trains. So a look at history, will tell you Novato’s city manager’s comment that what the NCRA and SMART want to do is unprecedented is false.

This is from page 284 of The Northwestern Pacific, by Fred A. Stindt.

Sorry about the errors. 

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