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Buy everything today!
Friday 23 Nov 2007, 10:57
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Unlike others promoting buy nothing, we ended up buying a lot today, more than wanted, and had a good amount of fun too!

Went to the 12:30 pm showing of Enchanted, nearly full of people BTW, at Broadway Cinema 8. Two things of Nachos, one Sweetarts package, one large drink, one medium drink, and one large popcorn with extra butter, and brewer’s yeast. Don’t want to give away what happens. Defiantly recommended. At least the tickets only cost twelve dollars total for the both of us.

Our old fisher audio/video receiver/DVD player had been acting up for a good while. So a trip to Costco and the Mall. Lots of other people were there at both places. Ended up buying a Sony STR-DG510 one without the built in DVD player for about two hundred fifty with tax and two year warranty. We have been using our Playstation 2 for a good while now as a DVD player. The built in DVD player wasn’t needed.

Got home, set most of it set up, only to find out there is no analogue audio inputs for the DVD player on the receiver, and the only digital input for the DVD player on the receiver is a coax. The PS2 only has analogue, and optical audio outputs. Radio Shack doesn’t have a converter the way I need, only the opposite way.

So off to Target to see what they have. No converter, but we got a DVD recorder for about $130 and a digital audio coax cable for about $14. The recorder has every output a regular dvd recorder would need. So we are set. Time for food! Oriental Buffet, good and quick. About $22

Plus three $9.99 DVD’s at Longs

Movie to test it all out with? Rocket Man. I like to use the line, “My tummy hurts me so.” from the movie.


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