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Going on Vacation tomorrow
Saturday 17 Nov 2007, 04:49
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No, my wife won’t tell me where. Part of my bday weekend. It will be interesting. She loves to get presents, and tell me she got them, but not what, to drive me nuts.

Another tradition, we seem to have, is to wrap presents in seemly endless wrapped boxes. A big box doesn’t mean a big present, it could just be a gift certificate inside 5 more more layers of presents. One year I did the endless boxes thing, but I built a wire cage around it, and soldered the wired together. Last year, I put her presents in a box, and filled it with the expanding foam you get at the hardware stores. Around here, I isn’t the receiving of presents that is the fun part, but the giving, though a bit demented.



Maybe “tomarrow” you’ll get a dictionary for your birthday.

Comment by becky sue

Sounds like alot of fun, cap! Have a fabulous time! 🙂

Comment by Rose

Sorry, FF will automatically go and spell check the post, but I have to remember to manually spell check the title. Any ideas how to have both auto spell checked?

Have a good day, both of you!

Comment by capdiamont

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