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Whine about what a container ship could do, but ignore most of gas and diesel is barged in
Saturday 10 Nov 2007, 11:47
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Oh, nooooooo! A container ship hit the golden gate bay bridge, and spilled 60,000 gallons, and course that could happen here. Some how we ignore 100% most of diesel, and gasoline is barged in. As noted by Fred, Costco trucks their gas in, and when it is too rough, it is trucked in. Anybody have a true percentage of what is barged in? I would have to say most, but how much?

Humboldt County 2025 General Plan – Energy Element
Table 1. Consumption of Local Versus Imported Energy Sources, 2003
Source Amount MMBtu’s % imported % local

Gasoline 54,569,000 gal 6,275,435 100% 0%
Diesel 16,800,000 gal 2,184,000 100% 0%
Natural gas* 93,860,628 therms 9,386,063 89% 11%
Electricity 940 GWh 3,208,220 27% 73%
Biomass** 849,645 tons 5,182,919 0% 100%
Propane 4,210,900 gal 384,581 100% 0%
* Includes natural gas used for electricity generation and for all end uses.
** Includes biomass burned for electricity production and residential space heating only; does not include biomass burned for process heating (e.g. wood drying kilns in sawmills).

71,369,000 gallons per year! 5,947,417 gallons per month. 1,372,481 per week. 196,069 per day. Only by breaking it down per hour, do we get a figure that is less than what was spilled by Frisco. Don’t worry though, one of those blogs screams at the ER for journalistic problems.



That was the Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate Bridge, that got hit. Don’t feel bad. I made the same mistake at first.

Oh, I was told Costco trucks their gas in. We discussed the issue a while back on my blog and I actually called Renner Petroleum. The guy there told me their gas is usually brought in by barge but, occasionally, if the seas are too rough, the Coast Guard won’t allow them to bring gas in by barge and they have to use trucks.

Comment by Fred Mangels

The poor Times Standard – this story broke a bit too late, so they had to dredge up the old oil spill story the day before the election. Way ta go guys!

Comment by Rose

That isn’t a big deal to me. The spill happened on the 5 of November, according to a Editorial note on a Letter to the Editor in todays TS. Which BTW, Heraldo would rant and rave if ER did that.

Comment by capdiamont

Heraldo has been subdued of lately. I think, probably wrongly, his name begins with a G.

Comment by capdiamont

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