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How many people do you know hates the trail poll? Also what should be done with the ROW poll?
Saturday 10 Nov 2007, 10:43
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Since Eric seems unable to support his idea of the old guard hates the trail. I thought you could educate me.

How many people do you know hate the Arcata to Eureka, CA trail? Note people who support the rail, should not be classified has hating the trail.

Take my poll!

What should be done with the railroad right of way?

Take my poll!

My voting is for both rails and trails. I love the idea of a trail, and I know zero people who hate the trail. In one of Green Wheels meetings, me. Marcus, and Kate agreed that it would be best to have rail and trails on both sides.

Update: When originally asked, Eric said he knows of one person who hates the trail. Now there seems to be many. He says to talk with the Harbor District Board Members in private. Which is it? One or Many? Will we ever know? Will Eric ever respond?



No one I know is against the trail. A few would even use it. Most wouldn’t, but they still like the idea. The Hammond Trail took over 10 years, so it’ll likely take a while. It’ll be interesting to see if higgins follows through on his promises.

Comment by Rose

That’s my whole point, Eric brought it up on his blog. It was good enough to bring up, but he doesn’t like to support it.

Comment by capdiamont

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