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Here’s what I predict
Tuesday 6 Nov 2007, 08:38
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If the fresh blood gets voted in, they will soon learn that things don’t, and won’t move in CSI time, despite Green Wheels, or any of their lots implying they will. Good luck getting the trail construction started by 2009.

By a letter to the editor in yesterday’s ER, we learn the incumbents were  took  the lead in forcing local Oyster companies to use the long line method of harvesting, instead of laying them on the bay floor, and using the Bill Bailey to harvest them. They took the time to find answers, and funding to do studies. Now we have a more environmentally responsible method of raising oysters.  By the progressive/regressive role you would think the incumbents were totally stupid, and against the environment. Who is in a fantasy world?

Here is Ollivier’s response to loaning the money to the NCRA. Notice he cites how he thinks it is legal, and how the district actually earns interest off these loans. Doesn’t sound fiscally irresponsible to me.

Another interesting race concerning the railroad, is the Novato city one.  How will that affect things with the railroad, if any?

Over on SoHum, Eric cites the old mantra of the old guard hates the trail. Asked to cite how he got that, he came up with one person. The old guard is one person who hates the trail. Run for your lives everybody, one person hates the trail. Well I also asked after that, weather if that person is part of some kind of leadership. We’ll see.

Personally I’d vote for the incumbents if I could. At least they have a plan to try, and bring something other than minimum wage tourist jobs.

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