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C & G morn the passing of a loved one.
Monday 5 Nov 2007, 11:45
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Their hamster passed away. 

It is interesting how the little ones mean so much in our lives. They don’t talk like we do, but still….

Our cat Mister, Mister Roberts had a pet hamster. I kid you not, he would pack it around like a mother with a kitten. Just a gentle too. Let it get out of it’s cage, and he would let you know. Help! Help! Help! Would not be quite until the problem was fixed.

One thing we still bust up laughing about. We had bought one of those balls, to put the hamster in. Well company came over and it kept coming over to his feet. Before I could say something, he picked it up, and tossed it along the ground. We busted up laughing, the only harm to the hamster was a little dizziness, and the company felt a bit bad.

One day it got out and got killed somehow. He was so depressed, for a good couple of weeks, till we got him a gerbel. Same thing. We had it till we had someone pet sit it, and they moved while we were gone.

May you, Carol, and Greg be comforted.



Thanks for the condolences, Cap. Sam lived a normal life span. He rests in peace beneath a backyard redwood tree…

Comment by greg

Thank you for the thoughtful blog post! Mister, Mister Roberts sounds like a fun cat.

Comment by Carol

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