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Higgins has no plan
Sunday 4 Nov 2007, 11:07
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The great Higgins hasn’t yet gotten back to me on the email I sent him a week ago. I asked him what is his plan for the trail. What is his time time?  How is he going to do it? Nothing, no response. I even gave him my cell #. Ok, so he is for the trail, so what. You can’t find a candidate that is against the trail. Just like anyone trying to get elected, say enough to get a following, but not enough to get nailed down. People say he is for doing rails to trails, and anyone supporting the railroad is stuck in a fantasy land. Yet the rails to trails/rail banking group has yet to prove that their idea is not, also a fantasy. Reason is they have yet to deal with the reality of, the line has to go through a abandoning process in order to get either a rails to trails or rail banking. Talk with the Surface Transportation Board, they will tell you that. That process, any shipper on the line can protest such the process of abandonment. To try and convert the rails to trail, without the process of abandonment is illegal. So then how long will this process take? Well throw in the need to change NCRA’s mandate, and you can have a very long time.



Well said, cap.

Comment by Rose

I have yet to see anyone from Green Wheels or their like, say they have done any actual research, and have proven me wrong. Best I can get is, I believe…

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