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Halloween fun
Wednesday 31 Oct 2007, 10:36
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In the spirit of Halloween here is a list of websites I like to refer to. My Icon is the basic stamp two, made by parallax. It is a nifty little single board computer, made for automation, like Spooky eyes. This latest version of spooky eyes, moves and blinks four sets of eyes. Parallax line of prop controllers.

If you want to improve your haunt, google Halloween-L. It is a email list of highly devoted and talented Haunters. Sadly some of the websites are no longer around that made props. The old Halloween-L website and archive here, and new one here. I prefer the old one personally.

Props like The Flying Crankcase Ghost(FCG), fgcand others can be found here at the monster list of DIY projects . Ah, but for the want of money, and time to play. I’ve picked up a couple of damper actuators at the old flea market by the bay, and it doesn’t take much air to move fifty pounds. One of these days, maybe. I have a basic stamp 2, it was my first micro controller, my sx chip went to the lighthouse controller.

Can’t forget Disney’s Haunted Mansion official site, and a peek backstage here, unofficial of course. The official just seems to be an ad for the movie. The other is a much more interesting.

Above all else, have fun, and be safe!

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