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The $400 million Eel River trail

Madrone estimates the trail would cost between $300 million and $400 million to build

That is a quote from the trail adviser, unlike Sims who used any person from the audience.

A railroad easement is there until the railroad is abandoned. It doesn’t matter if the line has been inactive for twenty-five years or more.

The railroad is not required to use creosoted wood. Other alternatives are concrete, steel, plastic, rubber, and other wood resistant to rot.

We rail advocates understand it will be a long hard path.

With  ever increasing fuel costs, there is a rising need for the railroad. The railroad can haul one ton of freight for an average of 426 miles on one gallon of fuel. A truck on the other hand hauls one ton of freight for about an average of 118 miles on one gallon of fuel. With rising tensions and population around the world, do we really want to be stuck with a less efficient transportation?

Security is of paramount importance, so ERTA promotes use of technology here. A “trail card” system with solar-powdered automated trail stations could be located at all of the approx. 15 main ERT access points from paved roads. The cards could have a proximity sensor function, so that if someone gets lost, we would know which section they last passed through. It is much easier to search 5 or10 miles than it is 162 miles. All trail users could be required to provide next of kin contacts and planned date of arrival at a given access point. There could be different types of trail cards, like single or multiple day-use as well as annual or lifetime passes, for locals or frequent users.

How many people do they really think is going to pay for trail use? Enough for $400 million in costs, not to mention maintenance costs? Does he really think anyone will use this security card, let alone MJ Growers? I’m sure DEA will not subpena the records.

BTW, NCRA said the rails, etc is theirs, and will be used for the rest of the system if this is railbanked. So if you are counting on $400 million from scrapping the relatively small amount, forget it. Also the scrap won’t even add up to what they need.

The Lumberjack – WONDR WHY NO NORML?
Saturday 24 Apr 2010, 10:38
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Marijuana enthusiasts cite lack of motivation

Dan Faulk was the club advisor.  He said that by 2008 the club had started to decline. “Gradually NORML became more limited, less democratic, less organized. There was very little effort to recruit new members. That interest in including and listening went away,” said Faulk.
HSU alum Jason Robo was the last club president.  He said when he became president, he didn’t receive the support and guidance he needed to keep the club going. When he was ready to move on, he couldn’t find a successor.

via The Lumberjack – WONDR WHY NO NORML?.

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Meter bypass plans spark arrest of three – The Willits News
Saturday 6 Jun 2009, 07:55
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Meter bypass plans spark arrest of three – The Willits News.

When deputies responded to the site, they noted substantial evidence of a marijuana grow and obtained a search warrant. The house was a complete shell house, completely converted to growing marijuana indoors. Agents report finding 4,500 growing plants, about 20 pounds of processed marijuana, a loaded handgun and a bypassed meter.

Deputies speculate the operators of the grow house had apparently tired of paying $3,000 per month for electricity and that the operation had been in service for at least two years. The property owner lives in Arizona.

Michael Anthony Wade, 19, and Travis James Wood, 21, both of Garberville, and Christopher Scott Bartman, 23, of Benicia, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale, bypassing a utility meter to steal electricity and possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime.

Lets see here, 4,500 plants, and 20 pounds of processed marijuana, yet didn’t want to pay $3k per month? How many nuke and coal plants can we shut down if we quit growing indoors? Remember this is all about worshiping the green…… money.

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Med Marijuana Niece’s job?
Friday 6 Mar 2009, 11:56
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Remember the sign last posted? Niece has an job interview with them tomarrow morning. They are going to be adding six or seven new clinics. Twenty bucks an hour.

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Med Marijuana
Tuesday 3 Mar 2009, 07:59
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Sonoma medical marijuana billboard

Sonoma medical marijuana billboard

Good news though you can get a 10% discount if your a senior, or a vet. Otherwise you have to pay full price so they can make their profit.  Most of the time, most of the people, it is just a farce. I love how people can be so anti business, etc screaming against the greed, profit, and corruption, but it is ok with marijuana.

Granted there is a few people who  I know of who have used it, needed it, and didn’t want it.

Person A, needed it, someone found out they had seeds left over, they were like you can make some money. Most of the time it is about the greedy money. A, was like it was a plant you idiot. Later on, their son grew it, indoors, they ended up with a massive electrictal bill, his only response was to turn down the home’s heating thermostats, to save money! Most of you growers should rot in hell.

Person B, needed it for a special type of brain cancer, to kill it off.

Fort Bragg pot ordinance targets indoor growers | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
Thursday 15 Jan 2009, 08:04
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Fort Bragg pot ordinance targets indoor growers | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA.

Outdoor growing is not an issue in Fort Bragg because it’s too cold and foggy to grow marijuana, officials said. Nevertheless, outdoor growing is banned under the new ordinance.

The ordinance limits indoor growing to a 50-square-foot area per parcel. Variances would be available through a permit process.


A 100-year-old two-story home in downtown Fort Bragg likely will be demolished because of damage inflicted by marijuana growers, she said.

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Man sentenced for starting fire to protect pot garden | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
Wednesday 14 Jan 2009, 08:14
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Man sentenced for starting fire to protect pot garden | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA.

Law enforcement officials believe he was trying to create a fire break to protect the pot gardens from the blazes that charred hundreds of fires in Northern California.

The fires he started, using a lighter, burned more than 45 acres, according to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.

The cost of fighting those fires was more than $175,000, according to District Attorney Meredith Lintott.

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Measure B challenge fails – Ukiah Daily Journal
Saturday 10 Jan 2009, 12:15
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Measure B challenge fails – Ukiah Daily Journal.

Mendocino County Superior Court has denied claims that marijuana limits imposed by Measure B are unconstitutional, unless the California Supreme Court changes its interpretation of the state Health and Safety Code.

idiot HSU student faces charges after airplane scare
Saturday 2 Aug 2008, 08:56
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To sum up the story, a suspicious, IE not normal , maybe NORML behaving person from HSU placed stickers, on a plane, and tells the stewardess that he has to get off the plane he just boarded, before getting to his destination. Any reasonable person observing this would want the plane searched, and the person taken into custody. It took three hours to search though everything, to make sure everything was safe. Three hours of inconvenience, so this idiot can make a point. Trapping these people, making them prisoners.

Of course you have other pot supporters saying the police over reacted, and it is just another case of the fascism of America. Maybe this is an illustration of the Paranoia that modern pot causes, and therefore should never be made legal.

What other aspects of Jason Robo’s life can we examine?

He was impeached at HSU for unprofessionalism from being a student body leader. He agrees with the rest of the student leaders with a meeting time that everyone can make, then schedules a class during that time, and asks the rest of the leaders to change the time. That didn’t work for the rest of them, and they said no. He was unable to make the meetings, and he  blamed them.

It is not the stickers that got him in to trouble, it is behavior. He should be banned from all airplanes.

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PS: Behind the Sun: Last ganja in town
Wednesday 16 Jul 2008, 07:11
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‘Bizarre paranoid hallucination’ not as good as it sounds, say aging baby boomers…

by Jason Walsh
25 years ago

From the Sun vaults, July 15-21, 1983

Marin was one toke over the line 25 years ago this week.

By 1983 the county had developed something of a reputation regarding its affection for the tetrahydrocannabinol-induced effects of inhaling trichomial residue of the pistillate plant.

And, according to Sun reporter George Frazier, it was time to put the bambalacha down.

Frazier, an acknowledged recreational marijuana user with his finger stamped firmly on the pulse of the county (the finger not holding the roach, that is), was running into “balding potheads” everywhere who’d declared themselves moocah-free. Even Frazier copped to the gradual realization “that I couldn’t smoke pot and speak coherently at the same time” anymore.

“As I stood there admiring my shoelaces,” reported Frazier about a turning point in his life, “I made a solemn vow: Never again would I smoke reefer.”

And Frazier kept that vow. For a full 24 hours even.

Despite his initial struggles to get the funky off his back, Frazier eventually kicked the habit as something of an afterthought—life was getting in the way and the next thing he knew it had been six months since his last date with the dinkie dow.

The rolling—er, roving—reporter smelled a trend.

“I’m convinced that yesterday’s hippies are today’s straights,” wrote Frazier. “We saw the enemy and grew up to be exactly like them.”

Take Frazier’s doobie brother Jim Furman, for instance. Jim owned a small music-equipment business and once instituted a 5pm employee “dope break” where it was company policy to spend the final hour at work stoned. By ’83 he was a model citizen, served on the county grand jury and was even so straight he wrote letters to the editor at the IJ!

Perhaps San Anselmo artist Bill summed it up best. “People used to smoke a joint at a party,” the painter waxed nostalgic. “Now they drink or snort cocaine.”

At the close of his story, Frazier reverted to the quiet solitude of introspection: “The same concerns that bothered our parents—career, property, children—now plague us,” he wrote. “I hate to admit it, but we are getting more conservative as we grow older.”

These days Frazier works as a brand-naming consultant. He’s been on the wagon for more than two decades and jokingly says he has “no memory” of having written the story from 1983. But he does recall the incident that finally made him “sell [his] stash to Hippie Bob.”

Frazier was over at his girlfriend’s house when he sparked up a joint after she put her young kids to bed—and one of them caught the alluring aroma of the notorious Devil Weed. Suddenly, our hero “had the entirely misguided belief that continuing to smoke reefer would send her kids the wrong message.”

“I’m not sure what the right message might have been,” Frazier says, in retrospect. “But those kids are now my adult stepchildren—who turned out great despite having smoked their fair share of weed during their formative years.”

Besides, adds Frazier, “back when we were smoking shake and seeds from Mexico, a joint might produce a pleasant buzz. Today, a couple of hits of Humboldt Dumb-bolt is likely to send me into some bizarre paranoid hallucination.”


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