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The $400 million Eel River trail

Madrone estimates the trail would cost between $300 million and $400 million to build

That is a quote from the trail adviser, unlike Sims who used any person from the audience.

A railroad easement is there until the railroad is abandoned. It doesn’t matter if the line has been inactive for twenty-five years or more.

The railroad is not required to use creosoted wood. Other alternatives are concrete, steel, plastic, rubber, and other wood resistant to rot.

We rail advocates understand it will be a long hard path.

With  ever increasing fuel costs, there is a rising need for the railroad. The railroad can haul one ton of freight for an average of 426 miles on one gallon of fuel. A truck on the other hand hauls one ton of freight for about an average of 118 miles on one gallon of fuel. With rising tensions and population around the world, do we really want to be stuck with a less efficient transportation?

Security is of paramount importance, so ERTA promotes use of technology here. A “trail card” system with solar-powdered automated trail stations could be located at all of the approx. 15 main ERT access points from paved roads. The cards could have a proximity sensor function, so that if someone gets lost, we would know which section they last passed through. It is much easier to search 5 or10 miles than it is 162 miles. All trail users could be required to provide next of kin contacts and planned date of arrival at a given access point. There could be different types of trail cards, like single or multiple day-use as well as annual or lifetime passes, for locals or frequent users.

How many people do they really think is going to pay for trail use? Enough for $400 million in costs, not to mention maintenance costs? Does he really think anyone will use this security card, let alone MJ Growers? I’m sure DEA will not subpena the records.

BTW, NCRA said the rails, etc is theirs, and will be used for the rest of the system if this is railbanked. So if you are counting on $400 million from scrapping the relatively small amount, forget it. Also the scrap won’t even add up to what they need.

Re: Railbanking
Wednesday 9 Mar 2011, 09:47
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It isn’t as simple as people are making it out.

If I was one of the many ranchers and land owners that didn’t want a trail on my property. I would make them have to invoke eminent domain. Until then, no trail can be built on your property, even if the railroad has an easement.

Whats the big deal about Richardson’s Grove?
Monday 14 Jun 2010, 06:41
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I will never understand it. The trees have survived road work so far. It seems that if they achieved balance after said brutal road work in the grove, they will once again achieve balance after the current project.

Larger trees have been or will be cut for the new Safeway store in Eureka. Not a peep from the enviros about that one, even after NCJ did a fine article about that one.

I also don’t get how these people are fighting against the project to save Humboldt, fight against any local company that voices support for the project, against any media article that isn’t 100% against the project, and ignore that it will benefit local small businesses.

Do any of you scare tactic folks understand a small business can be a corporation too?

We have many, many environmental problems out there, yet complaining about a blip in time of a project, and impact. We are spending tons on 101 from Marin north, the 7 million for RG project is just a drop in the bucket. Here’s another project for $9.3 million for 101 in San Rafael in Marin.

We have the good old oil spill going on now in the Gulf, though it isn’t so far the biggest spill, or the biggest environmental disaster. Fred covered a big long-lasting spill on California Land that was bigger. We are still snagging chemical munitions our government dumped off our own coast(Mustard gas). You know there is six nuclear weapons missing around the US don’t you? We still have to clean up from manufacture of nuclear weapons and fuel.

What about the oil naturally leaking in the gulf, and other areas? What about the massive amount of oil in ship wrecks that will leak, or does? What about the plastic floating in the oceans?

Whole cities have been abandoned in the US due to effects of their principal mining, and other manufacturing. One city has burned for decades because the coal underneath it caught fire, from trash burning. Oops. What about the co2 from that coal-burning

What about working to get us better energy sources? What about working on these huge problems? VS RG project, where nobody will notice any effect.

Caltrans cites EPIC for violations per the Outdoor Advertising Act – Humboldt Beacon
Thursday 6 May 2010, 01:13
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The “Save the Richardson Grove” sign went up in January, measures 16-feet wide, and covers 64-square feet. Just south of Standish Hickey State Park, the sign can be easily seen from the roadway. Citing conflicts with the Outdoor Advertising Act, Field Inspector Thomas Austen filed a Notice of Violation with EPIC in Redway on April 12.

via Caltrans cites EPIC for violations per the Outdoor Advertising Act – Humboldt Beacon.

Save richardson’s grove Indian opposition is due to deep seated racism
Wednesday 17 Feb 2010, 08:07
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It is amazing. Placing it at a deliberately undersized venue to achieve the all too important packed appearance. Add to this way undersized parking facilities, negatively effecting the neighborhood, and dangerously placing overflow parking on narrow two lane roads on the narrow shoulder.

So on to the nice prayer we were supposed to stand up for to protect the grove as though this project will wipe out the grove. At least she was honest that the Indian opposition is due to their opposition to the “white man” and the distrust of the same. After all “you have to be careful how you nod your head” with these folks. You have to love the deep seated racism. Never mind this project will help all races an genders, but us whities need to be opposed. Her good idea for the grove is speed bumps!

Some of what they are trying to feed people is that STAA trucks are not currently allowed in to Humboldt. That is a lie, STAA are allowed in from the North. Thank Ken Miller for that. Note, while trying to correct this, I was labeled rude. However any supporting comments offered up in same manner is ok.

Reasons given to oppose it, Marina Center, so 101 can’t be used for STAA thoroughfare traffic to say other rural communities, that the STAA truck might tip over more often, that STAA might cause more accidents, that srg’s incomplete data is good FUD, percy’s small amount of responses to the grove without checking responses from Garberville means more accidents need to happen to be considered, possible increased military traffic, possible LNG trucks, that Caltrans likes congestion in Eureka so citizens there will clamor for a bypass using waterfront drive.

It was recommend here that every time someone sees an STAA truck in Humboldt county to call CHP so that they start to enforce their little buffer world.

Renner Petroleum to sell biofuel at cardlock stations
Thursday 31 Dec 2009, 05:39
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Renner Petroleum has started the permitting process to sell bio-fuel B5 and E85 at Arcata, McKinleyville, Garberville, and two card-lock stations in Eureka. According to the info posted at their card lock stations.

Richardsons Grove poll results
Sunday 28 Jun 2009, 07:22
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“Answer Text”,”Vote Count”

After five weeks, trying to publish it in a good many areas, to give fair access. The Yes for the project, is the majority. I meant to only run it four weeks, but didn’t know how to get in to close it. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t allow me to detect fraud. That is a minimum of $200 per year. Look on the bright side, I can only reset the results, not edit them.

Maybe I can reuse a quote the opposition used, “the people have voted”.

Do I feel that way? No for many reasons. Despite a much better response, it still will not reflect the public. Too small a sample of people, vs population. Maybe this is another reflection of blog vs newspaper in readership? What does it reflect? I feel it reflects the online community, who choose to respond. Other reasons, it isn’t a scientific poll response. With our loss of newspapers, will we lose our scientific polling of the communities on issues?

Richardson’s Grove project poll, should it proceed?
Sunday 24 May 2009, 07:38
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This is simply to see who has the majority.

For a good discussion, and reasons for the realignment, you have to check you Kym’s prose on the subject.

Also add Good old Ernie has a good post on his blog supporting the project. “can’t kill a redwood”

NCJ Richardson’s Grove Cartoon this week
Wednesday 15 Apr 2009, 03:39
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“The Lincoln Memorial cartoon last week was a knee-jerk reaction to the proposed changes to Highway 101 at Richardson Grove.

Upon examination, rather than a decapation, the project looks more like an adjustment of the necktie and a little off the sides.”

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Homegrown businesses at risk – Times-Standard Online
Tuesday 3 Mar 2009, 07:18
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Homegrown businesses at risk – Times-Standard Online.

Kit Mann/For the Times-Standard
Posted: 03/03/2009 01:28:35 AM PST

Caltrans’ planned safety and accessibility improvements for the Richardson Grove section of 101 are critical to Humboldt County, now and in the future. Opponents proclaim that the project will lead to the annihilation of Humboldt County’s “lifestyle” by marauding hordes of big box stores from Southern California. They’ve got it exactly wrong. It’s not the big box stores that we will shut out by maintaining the 101 choke point, but our own successful, diverse, locally grown exporting businesses that we will shut down.

Humboldt County is blessed with a large number of these local businesses. Our higher than average population of entrepreneurs, with support from several effective economic development organizations, have created, grown or diversified a wide spectrum of local businesses that export products out of the county. Labor statistics show that they are the primary source of new jobs in the county, and they strengthen our communities by diversifying the economy.

Businesses like Cypress Grove Chevre cheeses, Kokatat Watersports Wear, Sun Valley Bulb Farms, Fire and Light Originals, O&M Industries, and many, many others. All of them, and virtually every other business in the county, relies on trucks to get the raw materials they need into the county and ship the products they make out of the county.

The trucking industry is standardizing trailer size to achieve the best combination of safety and efficiency. Our problem is that the new

industry standard trailers are about 8 feet longer than what can legally go through the sharp twists and turns of Richardson Grove. Trucking companies may still have smaller trailers available now, but they are rapidly becoming obsolete. It is even more difficult to find current technology refrigerated units in the smaller size. To the trucking industry, Humboldt County is small potatoes and off the beaten track — it takes an extra effort to service us. Now imagine that, in addition to our physical remoteness, we tell the trucking companies that they have to use non-standard, obsolete, more expensive trucks to get here. How many of them do you think will continue to do that? And what do you think will happen to costs?

It’s ironic that one of the main arguments against the project is that it will cause environmental degradation by cutting 40 small trees. Reasonable estimates indicate that using the standard trailers would result in a reduction of hundreds of truck trips per year into the county. Just two local businesses have estimated that using the standard trailer size would reduce their truck trips by about 15 percent, thereby saving something like 100,000 gallons of diesel a year. This translates into keeping over 2 million pounds of Co2 out of the atmosphere. It would take at least 4,000 mature trees to absorb that much carbon dioxide! Recycling in the area is also hampered by the limitations on the trucks that are available to move recycled materials. In short, the environmental harm caused by using older, less efficient trucks, driven more miles, would be many times worse, and spread over a much greater area, than any impact of the project itself.

Of course, it’s not just businesses that will be affected. Every one of us relies on trucking for everything from the food on our tables to the clothes on our backs, whether you shop at Costco and Safeway or Eureka Natural Foods and the Arcata Co-op. Maintaining the restriction at Richardson Grove would be sort of like only allowing people to use dial-up Internet access or cars built before 1989 — less efficient and less effective technologies. By maintaining this choke point in our transportation supply link, we lock ourselves in to less choices, less competition and higher costs for everything and everybody.

Our community’s homegrown businesses are a big part of what makes Humboldt County a great place to live. They are justifiably a source of much local pride. Putting them at serious risk over this relatively minor project will only impoverish us and our community.

The deadline for comments on this project has been extended to March 12, and Caltrans needs to hear more support from the community. Please write or e-mail your support for the project today. Send comments to:

Caltrans Project Manager Kim Floyd, PO Box 3700, Eureka, CA 95502, or e-mail .


Kit Mann is vice president of Kokatat, a local apparel manufacturer with 140 employees and worldwide sales. “How to calculate the CO2 emissions from a gallon of diesel can be found at:

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